Emlid Edge Kit with Wi-Fi

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Edge is an autopilot with a built-in HDMI port. Connect your camera to it and stream HD video directly through Edge on distances up to 2 km. No separate video transmission system is needed.

Edge Drone Controller

Processors: ARM Cortex-A53 quad-core, ARM Cortex-M3
IMU: 2 x InvenSense ICM-20602 with temperature control
Barometer: Meas MS-5611
Size: 97 x 46 x 15mm
Weight: 59g
Operating temperature: -40…+80ºC
Video input port: MicroHDMI
Video resolutions: Up to 1080p
RC Inputs: 1 x PPM, 1 x SBUS
RC Outputs: 12 x PWM, 1 x SBUS
Power inputs: 2 x with current and voltage sensing
Extension ports: 2 x CAN, 2 x USB, 1 x Serial+I2C, 1 x Serial+ADC
Connectors: JST-GH

Power Module

Input voltage: 4.3V – 60V
Max current: 60A (200A) with resoldered connectors and wires
Output voltage: 5V
Output current: 3A
Connectors: 2 x XT60
Wire gauge: 10AWG
Size: 30 x 40 x 10mm
Weight: 22g
Operating temperature: -40…+80ºC

GNSS Module

Barometer: Meas MS-5611
Magnetometers: 2 x IsenTek IST8310
Indicator: RGB LED
Ports: 2 x CAN
Connectors: JST-GH
Size: 72 x 72 x 15mm
Operating temperature: -40…+80ºC

Wireless Data Link

Frequency: 5.180–5.825GHz
Transmit power: Up to 27dBm
Connectors: JST-GH
Certification: CE, FCC
Size: 79 x 62 x 19mm
Weight: 52g
Operating temperature: -0…+50Cº

Package Contents

– Emlid Edge drone controller
– UAVCAN GNSS module
– Hall sensor power module
– Set of wires and accessories
– 2 x long range 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi modules


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Emlid Reach M2/M+ JST-GH 6p-6p Cable for Emlid Edge

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Drone autopilot and video streaming in one device

Edge has an integrated HDMI input and video compression engine allowing it to capture Full HD video from an onboard camera. Stream is delivered to the GCS over a long range 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi link.

1 Connect camera and Wi-Fi module to Edge

Connect a micro-HDMI cable from your camera to HDMI port on Edge. Plug in Wi-Fi using the supplied micro-USB cable.

2 Connect laptop to Edge via external Wi-Fi

Plug the second supplied Wi-Fi module into your computer. Connect to the network called «edge».

3 Open QGroundControl and start streaming

Edge can also work with other MAVLink-capable GCS like Mission Planner, APM Planner or MAVProxy. Video is supported only in QGC.

Works seamlessly with QGroundControl

Emlid developed a special version of the app to make streaming as easy as possible. Firmware updates, vehicle configuration, video control and mission planning – everything in one application. Simply connect your device to Edge Wi-Fi network – telemetry and video from the camera will appear on the screen.

Powered by ArduPilot — the best open-source autopilot

ArduPilot supports MAVLink protocol, sophisticated flight control algorithms and various flight modes. Controls any vehicle: copter, heli, plane, sub, rover and boat.

Waypoint navigation

Edge will guide the drone on a predefined mission from takeoff to landing without operator intervention.

Mission control

During the flight system status is constantly monitored and delivered via telemetry to the ground control station.

Return to landing

Custom triggers can be set to activate return to landing in cases such as low battery, telemetry link loss or other inflight events.

Payload control

Edge can take control of multiple payloads: camera gimbal, retractable landing gear, parachute, crop sprayers and others.

Everything needed for streaming in one kit

ArduPilot supports MAVLink protocol, sophisticated flight control algorithms and various flight modes. Controls any vehicle: copter, heli, plane, sub, rover and boat.

Edge Controller

Advanced drone controller with HDMI video input and 5.8 GHz data link.


External sensing unit packed with multi-GNSS receiver, dual magnetometers and high-precision barometer. Sensor measurements are transferred to the drone controller over an industrial grade CAN bus using UAVCAN protocol.


Reliably supplies Edge system with power and provides current and voltage measurement. Supports batteries up to 12S and current sensing up to 200 A (with upgraded connectors and wires). Two power modules can be used simultaneously for a redundant setup.


Full HD video and telemetry link on a distance up to 2 kilometers. 5.8 GHz frequency band allows to use standard RC 2.4 GHz equipment with Edge without interference.

  • Micro-USB to USB-OTG
  • 2 x JST-GH-6P to JST-GN-6P
  • 2 X JST-GH-4P to JST-GN-4P
  • JST-GH-6P to jumper
  • Micro-USB to USB-A
  • Micro-USB to JST-GH-4P

Dual-processor architecture

ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit quad-core CPU

Full-fledged Linux system with plenty of resources handles general tasks, as well as networking and media.

ARM Cortex-M3 co-processor

Runs real-time operating system for time sensitive tasks such as PWM output for motor control and RC signal decoding.

Temperature-stabilized dual IMU

Integrated heating maintains constant temperature of IMU and barometer to ensure stable operation in cold climate. In hot weather the aluminum body efficiently dissipates heat from the CPU.

Thin and sleek

Edge comes in a low-profile case with side-oriented connectors and can easily fit even in very compact drones.

Simple mounting

Threaded M2 mounting holes on the bottom offer a convenient and sturdy attachment to the frame.