Emlid Reach RS2+



The latest RS2+ features an LTE Modem, dual diversity LTE antennas and a range of design improvements to deliver Emlid’s most user-friendly and durable GNSS receiver yet. The Reach RS2+ is a versatile GNSS receiver that can be used for surveying, mapping, and navigation. It offers centimetre-level accuracy in both RTK and PPK mode, has a battery life of up to 22 hours and is engineered to be tough.

The Emlid Flow mobile app enables you to control the RS2+ receivers with iOS and Android devices.


BeiDou B1I, B2I
Galileo E1-B/C, E5b

Positioning Accuracy

Horizontal 5mm + 0.5 ppm
Vertical 10mm + 1 ppm

Horizontal 7mm + 1 ppm
Vertical 14mm + 1 ppm


LoRa radio 868/915MHz (up to 8Km)
Built-in LTE modem (Nano-SIM)
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0/2.1 EDR
Ports: RS-232, USB Type-C


NTRIP and RTCM3 corrections
NMEA and LLH/XYZ position output
RINEX logs with update rate up to 20Hz
16GB internal storage

Package Contents

– Emlid Reach RS2+
– LoRa antenna
– USB cable
– Carrying case
Emlid Flow app (free download)


Emlid Survey Pole with a Smartphone Mount

The Emlid Survey Pole is a telescopic aluminium survey pole that is designed for comfortable surveying. The three-section construction delivers reliable stability with the help of solid flip locks. It comes equipped with a smartphone mount that fits most control devices.

Compatible with:
- Emlid Reach RS3
- Emlid Reach RS2+/RS2
- Emlid Reach RS+/RS
- Emlid Reach RX
- Any survey equipment with a standard female 5/8" thread


- Material: anodized aluminium
- Folded length: 0.74m
- Maximum height: 1.8m
- Top tube diameter: 35mm
- Lower tube diameter: 27mm
- Total weight: 900g
- Thread: 5/8"-11 UNC
- Operating temperatures: -20 to +70°C
- Maximum payload: 10kg

Package Contents

– Emlid Survey Pole with Smartphone Mount
– Carrying bag

Emlid Fast Charger USB-C Cable


- USB-C – USB-C strong nylon braided cable
- Compatible with USB Type-C devices
- Supports PD fast charging

Compatible with:
- Emlid Reach RS3
- Emlid Reach RS2+/RS2
- Emlid Reach RX


Length: 1.2m
Current: up to 5A


1 x Emlid Fast Charger USB-C Cable

Emlid Dual Car Fast Charger


- Charges Emlid Reach receivers to 80% in 2.5 hours, to 100% in less than 3.5 hours
- Compatible with USB-C devices
- Smart integrated protection for devices
- Supports PD fast charging


Input: DC 10.8V(min) - 4A / DC 12-24V - 3.5A / DC 30V(max) - 1.5A
Output (both ports): 5V - 3A / 9V - 2.22A / 12V - 1.67A
Output power (both ports): 20W


1 x Emlid Dual Car Fast Charger

Emlid Reach RS3/RS2+ Thread Adapter

Thread adapter 1/4” female (photo tripod thread) to 5/8” male. Adapter height 6mm

Compatible with:
- Emlid Reach RS3
- Emlid Reach RS2+/RS2

Emlid Flow 1-Year Survey Plan Subscription

The Emlid Flow Survey Plan Subscription unlocks advanced survey functions on both the Emlid Flow app and the Emlid Flow 360 cloud-based interface.

See added benefits below:

Emlid Flow

- Collect and stakeout lines
- Add survey codes on the go
- Use WMS/WMTS layers
- Satellite map
- Localisation
- Inverse & Traverse
- Auto collection of points (by time or distance interval)
- Stakeout reports

Emlid Flow 360

- Upload code libraries
- Satellite map
- Use WMS/WMTS layers
- Inverse & Traverse
- Stakeout reports

Up to three Emlid Flow 1-Year Survey Plan Subscription licenses can be active simultaneously on your Emlid Flow account, ensuring you have long term access to the benefits of the Survey Plan.

MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Android


MicroSurvey brings decades of innovation and expertise in survey field software creation to its next generation FieldGenius application.

FieldGenius for Android works with many GNSS receivers and on a multitude of Android devices.


- Supports the Emlid Reach RS3 tilt compensation feature
- Optimised for mobile and tablet devices
- Total station and GNSS support
- Intuitive and easy to learn
- Map driven interface
- RTK survey and stakeout functions


MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Android licenses are activated and sent to you in up to two business days from the payment date.

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What’s new in the RS2+?

Emlid has revamped its flagship multi-band GNSS receiver, with the RS2+ to provide enhanced usability, reliability and robustness. The built-in LTE modem enables you to connect to 2G, 3G and 4G networks, providing connectivity when and where you need it most. The RS2+ also features dual diversity LTE antennas for improved cellular reception, allowing you to maintain a stable connection and to explore further, even in harsh weather conditions.

In addition to all the features we know and love from the RS2, there is also a range of new design improvements to ensure your receiver is more rugged and reliable.

Gets fix in seconds

The Reach RS2+ allows you to secure a fixed solution in seconds and maintains robust performance even in challenging conditions.

In RTK mode, centimetre accuracy can be achieved over 60km. In PPK mode, you can achieve centimetre accuracy over 100km.

PPP support

RINEX raw data logs are compatible with various PPP services, so you can now get accurate results anywhere on earth. Process RINEX files through existing online services (including AUSPOS in Australia) to capture precise positions.

Built-in LTE modem

The power-efficient LTE modem with global coverage means corrections can be accessed or broadcast over NTRIP independently, without relying on an internet connection from your phone.

22 hours on one charge

Reach RS2+ can log data for up to 22 hours and function as a cellular-connected rover for up to 16 hours, even in cold weather. With its long-life battery, you can be sure the RS2+ is ready when you are, and there’s no need to carry spare batteries.

The RS2+ can be charged from a USB wall charger or power bank via USB-C.

Surveying with Emlid Flow

The Reach RS2+ comes with the Emlid Flow app, providing an easy-to-use data collection mobile app solution for both Android and iOS. With Emlid Flow, you can collect and stakeout points and control all the features of Reach receivers, such as setting up a base station, logging RINEX data, and configuring NMEA output.

Point collection
Record each position as a point with centimetre precise coordinates. You can then export projects and open them in GIS or CAD applications such as AutoCAD, ArcGIS, QGIS, and others.

With Emlid Flow you can save points, export data in several different file formats (CSV, DXF and ShapeFile), and share it using your mobile device.

Coordinate Systems

WGS84, NAD83, GDA94, GDA2020, and others


Record three types of logs with RS2+: position, base correction and raw data. Point collection and recording of RAW data are independent processes and can be used simultaneously. Users of the Emlid Flow mobile app can use the simple and intuitive interface for logging configuration and control.

Emlid also provides Emlid Studio for PPK. It’s free and can be downloaded from Emlid’s online docs.


Stakeout is used to find exact physical locations of points. They can be collected in Emlid Flow or imported from other CAD or GIS software.

Download the app

Base station mode

The RS2+ can be used as a base station, compatible with other GNSS receivers that support RTCM3 and NTRIP, such as the Reach RS2, RS+, M2 and M+. Corrections can be sent over the network via NTRIP/TCP or LoRa radio, and base logs can be recorded for post-processing. External radios are also supported over the RS-232 built-in interface.

Real-time navigation

Reach RS2+ can send precise coordinates over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your tablet with a lightbar navigation app. RS-232 interface allows you to connect Reach RS2+ directly to an auto-steering system.

Compatible apps

MachineryGuide, AgriBus-Navi, Efarmer, Agripilot.

Solution formats

NMEA, ERB, plain text.

Engineered to be tough


IP67 rated, the RS2+ is waterproof up to a one-metre depth. All RS2+ connectors are completely sealed and protected from water and dust with silicone plugs.


The RS2+ has been extensively tested in conditions that simulate the coldest winters and hottest summers to ensure the receiver is ready to work wherever you go.


Made with Polycarbonate, an extremely durable material that is used in bulletproof glass, the Reach RS2+ is impact-resistant.


Precision CNC machined threaded mount is inserted during the moulding process and becomes one with plastic.

Metal mount works as a heatsink transferring heat away from the electronic components ensuring stable operation in hot climates.


Reach RS2+ works for up to 22 hours in static logging and up to 16 hours in RTK with cellular on. You don’t need to worry about having spare batteries or replacing them in the field. Hot-swaps are a thing of the past.

Compact and lightweight

Measures 128mm х 142mm and weighs 950g. The Reach RS2+ is small enough to fit in a small bag and lighter than a typical survey pole.




Emlid Reach RS2+ Datasheet

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