HxGN SmartNet Agriculture Subscription



Tractor operations are automated with the precise positioning delivered by HxGN SmartNet.


Local RTK base stations

Use HxGN SmartNet and an RTK receiver to establish a local base station for auto-steering tractor operations.


Precision improves farming performance

GNSS technology allows, with associated sensors installed on agriculture machines, to know at any moment the precise position of the tractor for reduced crops strikes and, therefore, more productivity.


A HxGN SmartNet Agriculture subscription plan depends on the geographic area your GNSS receivers are operating within Australia, and on the time period it should be active.


HxGN SmartNet subscriptions are activated and sent to you in up to three business days from the payment date.


Any GNSS-device enabled

HxGN SmartNet is an open-standard correction service, able to use with any GNSS device, and is constantly monitored for integrity, availability and accuracy.

World's largest reference station network

HxGN SmartNet is the GNSS correction service built on the world’s largest reference station network, enabling GNSS-capable devices to quickly determine precise positions even down to the centimetre.

Continuous availability

HxGN SmartNet is provided 24/7 by a highly-available infrastructure and professional support team with more than 10 years of experience reliably delivering the service.

Trusted technology

With more than 4,500 reference stations based on Leica Geosystems technology that ensure position accuracy in any application, HxGN SmartNet is easy to use and provides the fastest precise positions.

Coverage in Australia


Precision Farming

More crops. Fewer strikes. Reduced costs. Less tiring work. Tractor operations are automated with the precise positioning of HxGN SmartNet. Farmers can produce higher yields per day with less effort.

How it works

GNSS users can simplify their workflows to arrive at an accurate position by substituting single reference stations for local RTK networks. Many problems, such as limited availability and communication issues, are solved and productivity is increased.

The need of accuracy for agriculture and machine control have been the main drivers for innovation.

Today, HxGN SmartNet has perfected  this innovation. Receive high precision correction data in an open standard format (RTCM) simply by connecting any GNSS-enabled devices over the mobile internet.  This correction data are used on the GNSS device to enhance its autonomous position even down to a centimetre. This precise position can be used afterwards on the application of devices, assets and machines. On the device or even in the cloud, the value of the application is enhanced.

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