Triangl Extended Range Antenna Kit

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This kit includes a pair of 6dBi antennas that offer an efficient aftermarket upgrade for the LoRa radio communication between Emlid Reach RS RTK GNSS receivers. The kit also includes insulated coaxial cables designed specifically for easy connection to the Emlid Reach RS2+ recessed LoRa port.

Adding an antenna to the RTK base station unit immediately boosts the performance of LoRa data transmissions to the RTK rover. Adding the second antenna to the RTK rover unit provides the ultimate operational benefits to surveys conducted in challenging environments. Benefits can include reduced age of differential corrections and a more stable fix solution.

Compatible with:
Emlid Reach RS3
Emlid Reach RS2+/RS2
Emlid Reach RS+/RS

Omni Directional Antenna

Frequency range: 902 – 928MHz
Gain: 6dBi
Polarization type: Vertical
Horizontal beamwidth: 360°
Vertical beamwidth: 35 ± 5°
Maximum input power: 50W
Outer material: Fiberglass
Dimensions: ⌀20mm x 550mm
Weight: 250g
Working temperature: -40°C to +60°C

Insulated Coaxial Cable

Connector #1: Male N connector
Connector #2: Female SMA connector
Length: 50cm
Cable diameter: 4.2mm
Bend radius: 25mm
Max frequency: 3000MHz
Working temperature: -40°C to +200°C
Attenuation constant: 42.8dB / 100m (at 20°C – 1000MHz)


– 2 x 902 – 928MHz 6dBi antennas
– 2 x 50cm Insulated Coaxial Cables


The simplest mounting setup recommended for RTK surveys is to use a RAM bracket solution as per below (assuming both antennas mounted simultaneously):
– 2 x RAM® Standard Size Double Socket Arms
– 2 x RAM® Small Clamps (connecting to the antennas)
– 2 x RAM® Small or Medium Clamps (connecting to survey or extension poles)
Note: Small clamps work well with poles up to 32mm in diameter. Medium clamps are recommended for greater diameters.


RAM® Standard Size Double Socket Arm

RAM® Small Clamp

Fits the antennas and poles up to 30mm in diameter

RAM® Medium Clamp

Fits survey poles with more than 30mm in diameter

SECO 6ft Snap-Lock Radio Antenna Pole


Triangl Aluminium Tripod 1.65m


Spare Insulated Coaxial Cable with N and SMA Connectors

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