SECO Tri-Max Wood Dual Clamp Instrument Tripod


The Tri-Max, designed and manufactured by SECO, is the only surveying grade tripod with certified accuracy.

Highly recommended for all servo driven and robotic total stations, 3D laser scanners or construction lasers.

In side-by-side tests with leading competitors, the Tri-Max Wood shows decreased drift over time, increased stability, and increased vibration isolation.


– Meets ISO standard (12858-2-H) right out of the box, even after years of field use
– 6.5-inch flat round head, with large centre hole (2-5/8 inch), to facilitate an easy set-up over a point
– Solid one piece 5/8-11 instrument fastener with one-piece 303 Stainless Steel instrument fastener bridge
– Large foot with wide, angled tabs to allow even muddy boots to have a secure grip when setting up
– Tested to ASTM G154 weather standard for long life in harsh conditions
– Brass bushings ensure stability and long life
– Individual SN for ID and inventory control
– The Tri-Max can handle equipment up to 30 kg
– Dual clamp lock type
– Black hardware, sealed hardwood legs
– Shoulder strap included


Head type: flat round
Max height: 1830mm
Min height: 1140mm
Weight: 8.9kg


– SECO Tri-Max Wood Dual Clamp Instrument Tripod

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Triangl Tribrach with Optical Plummet

Attaches surveying instruments (theodolites, total stations, GNSS receivers) to a tripod, allowing them to be repeatedly placed in the same position over a surveying marker point.
The built-in optical plummet provides sub-millimetre precision when centring the surveying instrument over the ground marker.


Optical plummet with magnification
Tension spring for adapter lock


Width: 150mm
Length: 140mm
Weight: 0.8kg


- Triangl Tribrach with Optical Plummet

Triangl Rotating Tribrach Adapter

Connects tribrachs to surveying instruments (theodolites, total stations, GNSS receivers), directly or via an extension pole.
The removable, rotating centre allows you to manipulate the surveying instrument without disturbing the tripod placement.


Rotating tribrach adapter
Locking screw
Removable thread brass centre


Thread: 5/8" x 11 male
Body: anodised aluminium
Mounting studs: stainless steel
Lock screw: brass
Diameter: 80mm
Height: 46mm
Weight: 0.5kg


- Triangl Rotating Tribrach Adapter

Triangl Extension Pole 32mm x 500mm



Thread: 5/8" x 11 male and female
Inner material: aluminium
Diameter: 32mm
Length: 500mm


- Triangl Extension pole 32mm x 500mm

SECO 6ft Snap-Lock Radio Antenna Pole

Used to elevate a radio antenna to 6 feet plus the height of the tripod setup.

Comes with a 3.5 inch outside diameter plate adapter to attach to any 5/8" x 11 tripod heads.


Thread: 5/8"
Collapsed length: 41.5in
Extended length: 6.0ft
Weight: 0.62kg

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