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Introducing the Emlid Reach RS3 GNSS receiver

We are very excited to be able to share the latest iteration of the Emlid Reach series of GNSS receivers.  Emlid’s Reach RS3 GNSS receiver is a brand new model and it comes with IMU (Inertial measurement unit) based tilt compensation. 

More flexible

Working with tilt compensation on the Reach RS3 allows you to map challenging environments like building outlines. You can also acquire point features like flag poles, trees and other vertical objects where it’s really hard to get your receiver hard up level against that object. 

The IMU-based tilt compensation in Reach RS3 enables you to make measurements with up to 60 degrees of tilt while still staying within 20 mm of accuracy.

You can throw it out on a bit of a tilt to improve your sky view and still manage to get hard to reach points with precision. 

Collect points faster

Here’s a great birds eye view speed comparison showing the Emlid RS3 collecting points with – and without, tilt compensation activated.

Dual Band radio

The Reach RS3 has another exciting feature. In addition to the internal LoRa transceiver, the Emlid Reach RS3 contains an integrated 450 MHz radio receiver for receiving corrections on TrimTalk* 450S protocol. This allows you to consume corrections from an existing site base.

If you’ve got a radio transmitter that can broadcast 450 MHz you can connect that to your Emlid Reach base and broadcast at 450 MHz UHF corrections to your Emlid Reach Rs3’s integrated UHF 450 megahertz radio receiver.

Battery performance

Thanks to some tweaks to the system, the Reach RS3 can log static for up to 22 hours. Battery performance with tilt compensation activated is up to 18 hours.

3 month free Emlid Flow Survey subscription

As part of the release of this new model, Emlid are including a free 3 months of subscription to the Survey plan. The Survey subscription gives access to additional features including Localization, Background imagery including custom WMS layers, a custom code library and linework.

Ready to ship

If you’re as excited as us – you’ll want to get your hands on a Reach RS3 and try it for yourself. The Emlid Reach RS3 is in stock now and ready to ship. 

*TRIMTALK is a trademark of Trimble Inc.

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