Ouster OS0 Ultra-Wide View LiDAR Sensor


The most performant ultra-wide field of view sensor available. Superior performance in near-range object classification in the warehouse or on the open road.

Includes built-in IMU for SLAM algorithm support. Creates a uniformly spaced point cloud and pixel-aligned 2D near-infrared camera images for more efficient data processing, faster labelling, and streamlined algorithm application.



Vertical channels: 32, 64, 128
Vertical field of view: 90°
Vertical angular resolution: 1.4°-0.7°
Horizontal resolution: 512, 1024, or 2048
Horizontal field of view: 360°
Horizontal angular resolution: up to 0.18°
Maximum representable range: ~100m
Range (10% reflective target @ 90% detection prob.): 35m
Minimum range: 0.5m
Number of returns: 2 (strongest, second strongest)
Frame rate: 10 or 20 Hz
Precision: ±0.5 cm to ±5 cm
Points per second: up to 5,242,880
Near-IR ambient data



L3 chip
Ingress protection: IP68, IP69K
Time synchronisation: gPTP, PTP, $GPRMC
Weight: 447g
Operating temperature: -40 to +70 ºC
Beam configuration options (64 channels only): uniform, gradient, above horizon, below horizon
Embedded IMU



Typical power consumption: 14-20W
Operating voltage: 12/24V


– Ouster OS0 REV7 Ultra-Wide View LiDAR Sensor (x1)
– Your choice of top heat sink: radial or halo cap (x1)
– Sensor baseplate for mounting and heat dissipation (x1)
– Straight-angle 5m cable with interface box or pigtail termination (x1)
– 24V power adapter (x1)
– 2m CAT 6 ethernet cable (x1)
– Plug type I for China/AUS/NZ (x1)

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90º of vertical vision

The ultra-wide view OS0 sees everything from the floor to the ceiling. Your vehicle will never miss a curb, a pallet, or overhead obstacles.

The OS0 REV7 redefines "short range"

The OS0 REV7 now sees over 35m on a 10% reflective target, with a maximum measurement range over 100m. That’s a full city block, and more than a full warehouse aisle.


With 128 channels of resolution and up to 5.2M points per second, the OS0 sees more than every other ultra-wide sensor on the market. The OS0 delivers clean, dense data across the entire field of view, for accurate perception and crisp mapping.


With a simple digital design and new automotive-grade components, OS0 is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in even the most extreme environments.

Autonomy ready

With industry-leading range and resolution, and 1000BASE-T1 automotive ethernet now available, the OS0 is ready to be the short-range sensor of choice for advancing autonomy on and off the road.

Clear data in any condition

Other lidar sensors can be effectively blinded by dust and fog, but not the OS0. Two returns and large-aperture lasers ensure you won’t lose near-field view in dusty or foggy conditions.

Industrial OS

For high-volume fleet deployments, Ouster offers the Industrial OS version of the OS0 to meet the performance and volume pricing needs of the world’s largest OEMs.

OS0 64 channel beam configuration options

Ouster OS0 Ultra-Wide View LiDAR Sensor

Ouster OS0 LiDAR sensors are configured with the uniform beam configuration by default. Gradient, above horizon and below horizon beam configurations can be ordered at an additional fee. Please contact us for more information.



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