RTK Duo Advanced Kit

From: $9,211.75

A complete multi-frequency RTK mapping set up

This kit includes all components required to establish a robust, multi-frequency RTK survey setup, with a local base station and a rover unit. This kit offers improved mapping results on more complex scenarios, closer to trees or tall structures.

A HxGN SmartNet subscription plan can be added to facilitate surveying the base station position when no existing survey marks are available in the operating site (internet access required).



Emlid Reach RS2+


Triangl Wooden Tripod 1.79m


Triangl Tribrach with Optical Plummet


Triangl Rotating Tribrach Adapter


Triangl Extension Pole 32mm x 500mm


Triangl Telescopic 2.4m Pole with Centimetre Graduation


Triangl Thumb Release Type Bipod


Emlid Flow 1-Year Survey Plan Subscription

MicroSurvey FieldGenius for Android


Carlson Layout for Android GNSS


RAM® X-Grip® Mobile Device Holder


RAM® Double Socket Arm for Mobile Device Holder


RAM® Tough-Claw™ Clamp Base with Ball


HxGN SmartNet Survey Subscription



All the RTK equipment you need

If you are seeking improved survey results in a range of challenging conditions, this RTK kit is for you. With all the RTK equipment you need to establish a robust, multi-frequency RTK survey setup, this kit comes complete with a local base station and a rover unit.

With two Emlid Reach RS2+ multi-band RTK GNSS receivers, this survey kit enables you to collect accurate positions in all weather conditions, for up to 60km in RTK mode.

The Emlid Reach RS2+’s industrial, long-life battery, lasts up to 22 hours in static logging and up to 16 hours in RTK mode with cellular data.

The RTK Duo Advanced Kit contains all the surveying equipment you need to provide survey results with centimetre precision. The kit comes with all required survey accessories you will need, including a survey pole, a tribrach, a tribrach adapter and an extension pole. To reduce the thermal variation from heat exposure, the kit also includes a heavy-duty wooden tripod.

Key features:

  • A complete multi-frequency RTK survey setup
  • Centimetre precision on up to 60km in RTK mode
  • Robust rover kit with long battery life
  • Built in SIM slot for mobile internet connectivity
  • LoRa radio, Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity