How will the 3G network phaseout affect your Emlid Reach receiver in Australia?

With Telstra due to switch off their 3G network on June 30, 2024 – customers with Emlid RS2 GNSS receivers will no longer be able to use the onboard cellular connection. Alternatives to get corrections include connecting to a wireless network or using NTRIP over BLE.

Wireless network connection

One option is to carry a wifi dongle which can create a wireless hotspot. A 4G SIM card in the dongle will enable a portable wireless network to be created. By connecting your Reach receiver and phone to the same hotspot, your Reach RS2 can receive correction from your chosen NTRIP provider.
Here are some instructions from Emlid showing how to connect a Reach RS2 receiver to a wireless network.
Remember – your RS2 will need to have a clear sky view to receive positioning data in order to apply the corrections.


With NTRIP over BLE there is no need to share your Internet connection to your Reach. From the release of Reach Firmware 29, you can use your phone’s mobile data to pass the NTRIP corrections to the receiver. Emlid have a helpful post covering the use of NTRIP over BLE.

Please note – this feature is still in Beta testing.

Here’s a short video showing the shortcut to access the hidden BLE function by tapping the profile button in the Emlid Flow App.  

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